The Deanery Vision  




We believe the Lord has a vision for the Deanery of Colchester, for each of our Churches, our Parishes and our ministries. As we seek to be a Transforming Presence in our communities, living out the unchanging Gospel in a changing world, we are guided by the Diocese in planning a structure which will help us to be effective into the future.
Where we are now

The Deanery Standing and Pastoral Committee have published a draft Deanery Vision Plan for the decade 2020 - 2030, which is to be presented to Deanery Synod for agreement. It has been forwarded to members of Deanery Synod and PCC Secretaries for review and comment. The Vision Plan and the Area Dean's letter are available here; feel free to distribute them to PCC members or point them to this site.


The draft Deanery Vision Plan document for review by Parishes, ready for discussion at Deanery Synod.

The Area Dean and Lay Chair's letter to all Parishes, sent to members of Deanery Synod and PCC Secretaries

Background documents
There is considerable additional material available to assist us as we work through our discussions:
View a PowerPoint presentation by our Area Dean to the Clergy Chapter, on the purpose and structure of the Deanery Vision Plan

The Area Dean and Lay Chair's letter to all Parishes, sent to members of Deanery Synod, Churchwardens and PCC Secretaries

Structuring of Mission & Ministry Units (MMUís): A grid which takes us from the Diocesan criteria to local decisions, to help Parishes work together to form MMUs

Visit the Diocesan Transforming Presence website
A downloadable Deanery map, colour-coded by proposed structure
Re-imagining Ministry - Mission & Ministry Units (MMUís) and Principles of Commitment in a time of strategic change. A letter from Bishop Stephen.
The existing Deanery Vision Document, produced in 2007
Visit the Diocese's Parish Spotlights webpages, to view statistics of your (and neighbouring) Parishes, gleaned from the 2011 Census and other sources
Our page which summarises the 2011 national Census as it relates to the Borough of Colchester
A document from the Borough of Colchester, with population in 2017 and projections to 2027


In the meantime, if you have queries about the documents or the data, feel free to contact us at mail@colchesterdeanery.org.uk




The Church of England Deanery of Colchester is part of the Colchester Episcopal Area of the Diocese of Chelmsford.

The Chelmsford Diocesan Board of Finance is a registered Charity, no. 249505

We are committed to Safeguarding children and young people and vulnerable adults. As a Diocese, we have adopted the Church of Englandís policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of Englandís website: https://www.churchofengland.org/more/safeguarding. Diocesan guidance is available at https://www.chelmsford.anglican.org/safeguarding